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3. The Morning After Lyrics

The Morning After Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous The Morning After Chorus Today is the day God bless The morning after I Must confess Them worry I Must be free Jump and rise Make I&I feel alright Today is the day God

4. Our World Lyrics

Our World Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Our World This is our world World of reggae music Where Jah truth lives within This is our world World of reggae music Everybody is welcome within (2x) The other day I m

5. Stolen Arts Lyrics

Stolen Arts Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Stolen Arts All you now haters used to be my spectators Dirty game slick players They quick wanna be famous They have a long road to go still Fling skills post most don't Kn

6. U Wait Lyrics

U Wait Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous U Wait The train is left All your friends are gone Oh boy you're waiting so long There is no other station Your time is been wasted You wait until the judgment come U wa

7. Long Way Lyrics

Long Way Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Long Way My man G-Boah, he came a long long way To my man Rollarock, he came a long long way To my self Anonymous, me came a long long way To the Gunmen crew, we came a long l

8. When In Doubt Lyrics

When In Doubt Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous When In Doubt Two different types of Armageddon Bring your shit on What you been on Firearms with no pin on It's been along Full force rapcommodores Rap dinosaurs See us i

9. Curriculum Lyrics

Curriculum Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Curriculum (Sonny D) I pump fear in your eighty-five shadylife soundscans Cover underground standing up and down land The type that hold the mic and disco all night The way I

10. This Life Lyrics

This Life Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous This Life Hear me out I'm all about it My work rounded Still doubt it Got largely crowded My gunshowers Enormous powered Preliminary groundwork's Very bonded We on your n

11. Cocktail Lyrics

Cocktail Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Cocktail There's girls I've been in love with I smoked pot with I've met enough things in life I need this woman to get stuck with Scuff with I need it for my rude character

12. Crisis Lyrics

Crisis Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Crisis When I'm enthousiastic I stretch problems like elastic contradictive visionary perspective I seldom missed it sphere mystic domestic all this I invested often tes

13. How Do You Love Lyrics

How Do You Love Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous How Do You Love Chorus The vibes the trends the instant footage If you afraid to draw the cards, we'll pull it Shades in the dark, an invasion mark From the heart is the on

14. Fever Lyrics

Fever Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Fever They come and ask you for your life Men it’s a fever Let love abide and joy will rise (2x) The only thing next to meet is the grim reaper While your life is terrori

15. Victim Lyrics

Victim Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Victim Chorus My heart’s foolin' me My mind won’t let it be I'm trying not to fall Try to give it all These things find a way Get stronger by the day Inside I’m vi

16. Renaissance Lyrics

Renaissance Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Renaissance When I look into the mirror of life I can't see where I'm going But I surely know where I've been So as I looked into the mirror of life Slowly saw myself growing

17. Life On The Line Lyrics

Life On The Line Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Life On The Line I put my life on the line on a very thin stroke Concentrate most of my time Cash on the mind I've been broke Haven't you heard of the albums I be in The merc

18. If U... Lyrics

If U... Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous If U... If U do the best that you do Some try to confiscate from you But them can't chant Overrule what we do, that's why Chorus If U achieve for what you strive Now th

19. Brotherly Love Lyrics

Brotherly Love Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Brotherly Love Can't stop, won't stop Living to remain Comes with teardrops Got to break the chain Surviving in this game got me Falling but I can't let go I realize lif

20. Live It Up Lyrics

Live It Up Lyrics

Postmen Miscellaneous Live It Up No bother what all of them do Live it up To much a chattie chattie them do Talk the talk See rebel youths were meant to Spread it out Still them can't but them t